YETI and Orvis Present: Andy

Renowned photographer Andy Anderson has lived a life of passion, traveling the world to shoot everything under the sun, including fly fishing and wingshooting. He shares some of his thoughts and philosophies about the art form to which he has dedicated his life.

Presented by: YETI and Orvis
Featuring: Andy Anderson
Directed and filmed by: Cavin Brothers and David Mangum
Edited by: Reid Ogden and Rita Baucom
Music by: Ryan Baucom
Production: Colorblind Media
Special thanks: Dave Brown Outfitters, Zach Anderson, Michael Perez, Valer Austin, Kevin St. Clair, Owen St. Clair, and Warner Glenn

Helimix – Keep Conquering

Client: Helimix Co.
Director/DP: Cavin Brothers
Editor: Reid Ogden
Production: Colorblind Media
Russian Arm: Sean Howell, Skylar Howell, Tayler Brothers

BŌTE | Emerge

After serving his country as soldier, BOTE ambassador Landon Mace decided to move home to Bend, Oregon to follow his passion for fly fishing. With support from his wife, Landon spends his days wading rivers, tying flies and guiding other who share his passion for the outdoors.

BŌTE | Getaway

Balancing work and leisure, raising your kids, focusing on the simple things that really matter. For the majority of us the struggle to do so is very real. But in reality, it’s the accumulation of these diverse events that make you who you are.

Colorblind Media – 2016 Outdoor Reel

Looking back at recent projects.
Music: Greensky Bluegrass “Time/Breathe Reprise”

Bote Boards | Travelink

BOTE Board innovators have found the missing link in the new Patent Pending Travelink™ Carry System. The Travelink™ system was designed to get you to your paddling spot more easily, comfortably and without ‘dead arm’ syndrome. Travelink™ – It’s the link you’ve been missing.