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BOTE DarkRoom

We were asked to provide a glimpse into the BOTE DarkRoom.

“The BOTE DarkRoom. An area dedicated to complete manipulation and control of our products. Nope. We haven’t opened a photography lab. We’ve simply borrowed the nomenclature for BOTE’s latest endeavor, The DarkRoom. The DarkRoom isn’t simply a space; it’s a project with a purpose. From inception to completion, the DarkRoom will allow for BOTE to have complete control over projects from beginning to end.”

Wild Instinct Outdoors

We are producing a new television series called Wild Instinct Outdoors to air on Discovery’s Destination America network in July 2015. The 13 episode series will provide a groundbreaking new look into the outdoor world and the pursuits of hunting and fishing. The show focuses on the entire experience rather than the end result with locations throughout North America from the westernmost mountain tops to the southernmost swamps and everywhere in-between. We have put together this teaser from our first few shoots. You can follow along in the Wild Instinct Outdoors journey on instagram, facebook and the website.